Snowboarding Meets Mountain Biking in Season-Bending Freeride Session

As seasons change, our outdoor passions blend from one right into another. Of the activities that complement one another best and mix the most smoothly together, […]

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Foam Roller Exercises: How to Relieve Tension with a Fascia Roller

Your whole body is sore, you’ve got tight quads and calves, a stiff neck or joint pain after your workout? Yesterday’s bodyweight training or your running session […]

Try Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Without Remorse’ Workout

Since first debuting his epic transformation into Adonis Creed for his Rocky spin-off series, Michael B. Jordan has consistently moved the needle with his physical transformations […]

Prioritizing pregnant COVID patients is not altruism, it’s a necessity

Ontario added pregnancy to the category of “high-risk” health conditions eligible for COVID-19 vaccination in Phase 2 of its its rollout on April 22, joining Alberta, […]

What is ground contact time balance? 5 Tips for improving running symmetry

The best runners know that symmetry matters. When you apply force equally on the left and right sides of your body, you become a more efficient—and […]

We Torture-Tested the New PXG Gen 4 Golf Clubs

So much of golf is about feel. That’s true not only in terms of performance but also the emotional response of a perfectly struck shot. The […]

Crisis 877: On the frontline

There seems to be  both a lack of concern and appreciation for what frontline workers are facing in this third wave of the pandemic.  As I […]

Running When Overweight: Nutrition and Fitness Tips

Guess what: there’s no such thing as a “runner’s body”. Becoming a runner happens in the mind. And just because you might not look like a […]

Does confidence issues stem from your childhood?

Summary Do you struggle with expressing yourself ? Do you find yourself staying quiet during meetings and conflicts? You might be struggling with confidence issues. This […]
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