How to manage client payments with Nutrium and Stripe integration

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How to manage client payments with Nutrium and Stripe integration

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In the past few weeks, we have remained committed to developing our functionality that allows you to request and receive payments, respond to requests from various professionals, and improve your organization and the process of making appointments.

With Nutrium’s payment system, you can offer your customers a much easier, convenient, and safer way to pay for your services, with a platform integrated into the software.

From now on, you can generate the payment when the appointment is scheduled! Thus, you are not only offering ease and convenience to your clients, with an online and secure payment option, but the number of last-minute cancellations will also certainly decrease.

Offer this payment option to your clients, differentiate yourself and optimize the management of your schedule!

You have the power: request your payments whenever you like

Online appointments are on the rise, which means that your physical contact with your clients is very limited, or even inexistent. This can lead to an increase in appointment cancelations since people feel less awkward canceling at the last minute via online than when they know you personally.

We have the solution for you: within Nutrium, you can add a payment request at the same time that you schedule an appointment, and the payment information will be sent directly to your client. You can easily request that they pay before the appointment, to lower the cancelation risk. We will show you how you can do it in this article.

What are the advantages of using the Nutrium payment system?

The main advantage is that you can now make all the administrative tasks of your business in one single platform from receive booking from clients, setting up their profile, request payments, and receive them on your account and check any client’s payment history.

For your online nutrition appointments, this is the ideal way of collecting payments. You will be able to consult clients and request payments from the same platform, guaranteeing your services’ trust and security.

Another plus is that you will be able to request payment seven before the nutrition appointment. As soon as they are booked and confirmed, you can send clients the payment request, avoiding the sometimes-awkward moment during appointments of discussing payment options.

You can also agree with them to pay in different installments, as you are the one who chooses to manually request these.

We’ve integrated the Nutrium payments system with Stripe to guarantee the utmost security. Stripe is a payment management platform operating in more than 40 countries and with clients such as Google, Amazon, and Uber.

Stripe uses a sophisticated machine learning system to provide you and your clients all the security of payments and protection against frauds.

How to automate payments for my clients’ appointments

With this feature, we want you to be able to decide how, when and to whom to send your payment requests. So now, when scheduling an appointment, you can immediately send the payment request to your client’s email and to their mobile app.

You can also, from your calendar, know which appointments are already paid or pending payment.

First, you need to enable integration with Stripe, the payment platform we use. To do this, you need to create an account on the Stripe platform or use your current account, if you already have one. Find out how to enable integration and create your Stripe account.

Before making a payment request, we advise you to define in the software the services you offer, such as “Online nutrition appointment”, as well as the value associated with that service. You can see here how to add your nutrition services to Nutrium.

After these steps, you can send a payment request at the same time you are scheduling an appointment for your client.

You can indicate the service associated with the payment and you must include the amount to be paid by the client (the total or a part of the value of the service), who will receive an email and a notification on the Nutrium app with this information. Monitoring the status of payments can then be done directly in the software, in the Agenda or the Payments section.

This way, you can automate the entire process of scheduling appointments and payments and guarantee the best experience for your clients.

This is one of the most requested features on our customer support chat, so we’ve worked hard to make this possible. We hope this feature is useful for all professionals and especially for moving your business online.

We will continue to improve this, so make sure to send us suggestions and more feature requests.

Still not using our Stripe integration? Access Nutrium to enable this.

If you are not familiar with Nutrim, it is a nutrition software for nutritionists and dietitians, and you can try it out for 14-days for free.

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